AssECOS Association

The “ECOS – Sustainable Energy and Construction NETWORK” involving seven municipalities, and backed by C3P, started in 2008 and has led to a strategic program of integrated projects designed for the 2009-2011 timeframe.

This strategic vision of ECOS includes the construction of a networked community centered on the domains of sustainable energy and construction. These solutions will be complementary to each other and reproducible in different locations, leading to urban development, the emergence of new economic functions, and international projection of partner cities.

In 2009, the seven municipalities launched a number of independent, as well as joint projects, most of them partially supported by governmental funding programs. At the same time, some transversal, indispensable actions are planned to take place in 2010 and 2011 under the NETWORK umbrella. In order to produce these transversal actions, the municipalities and nine of the ECOS stakeholders formally created, in April 2010, the AssECOS Association, of which C3P is one of the Direction members.

Among the actions to be implemented, the following deserve a mention:

  • NETWORK management and monitoring

  • Partners training and standardization

  • Network CO2 measurement and monitoring

  • Environmental sensitization programs (high schools

  • Development of an energy efficiency mobile team

  • Communication and dissemination of information

  • Network internationalization

  • ECOS mobility characterization, modeling and specifications.

C3P and ISQ are full members of the non-profit AssECOS Association.




Last updated: 13/07/2011