ECOS1 Project

1st Zero Emissions Green Park

On 25 April, 2010, the Municipality of Torres Vedras has inaugurated the 1st of the Green Parks that are planned to be built in their 20 parishes. The initiative pairs a simultaneous creation of environment educational centers in all of them. These Green Parks include not only specific areas for children and elderly leisure but also environmental friendly installations and equipments, namely LED lighting and photo voltaic energy sources. Emissions generated by the Park and its equipments construction have been counterbalanced by the arborization of the site.

Torres Vedras

1st Zero Emissions Green Park


Urban Network for Competitiveness and Innovation



In October 2008, “Rede ECOS – Sustainable Energy and Construction” applied to the RUCI (“Urban Network Program for Competitive Innovation”), within the scope of the “National Program on Urban Policy – POLIS XXI”. The total value involved in the proposal was 10 million Euros. In May 2009, the application submitted by the 7 municipalities, and backed by C3P, was approved with 65% financing.

The strategic vision of ECOS includes the construction of a networked community centered on the domains of sustainable energy and construction. It is thought that this integrated community augments the accumulation of knowledge and the development of creative and innovative products, services and solutions. These solutions will be complementary between themselves and reproducible in different locations, leading to urban development, the emergence of new economic functions, and international projection of partner cities.

Sustainable construction shall be promoted using traditional techniques and new materials, both in urban and public spaces, as well as in collective equipment and urban requalification. As renewable energies, solar, wind, waves and biomass shall be employed, and hydrogen will also be considered. The merging of these 2 vectors, construction and new sources of energy, will increase energy efficiency. In the end, through the implementation of clusters and eco-communities, contact with experiences and internationalization will be provided, beyond the dynamics imposed by competing centers.

In the global proposal of Rede ECOS, the municipality of Torres Vedras has inserted 3 county projects: “Santa Cruz EcoUrbe”, “The Integrated Technological Center of Renewable Energies of Torres Vedras”, and “Construction of the New Center for Environmental Education”. Of these 3 projects, EcoUrbe and the Technological Platform of Torres Vedras were approved for funding. A solar microgeneration system has already been installed in the Santa Cruz Municipal Market, and became operational on May 28th, 2009. Another such system is being installed at the Primary School. Simultaneously, a Smart-Grid pilot-project is underway in a local, energetically degraded, residential neighborhood, in parallel with the creation of auto-sufficient, digital and interactive, signs, urban furniture and public lighting. Within the scope of sustainable mobility, the creation and development of soft means of mobility (Eco Trolley) are also underway.

In addition to these developments, the following are also forecast: systems for recycling and re-usage of residual water for watering a re-qualified area (near Ribera da Estacada); the construction of a sustainable home (including a Blue Center and a microgeneration support office); and the creation of a space where sustainable construction and technologies, as well as the installation of sustainable energy systems shall be showcased.

Regarding the “Technological Platform of Torres Vedras” and the “Center of Applied Technological research” (solar, wind, waves, hydrogen and biomass), the following are forecast: An experimental terrestrial Campus (solar, wind, waves, hydrogen and biomass), an experimental oceanic Campus (offshore wind, waves and biomass), and an Integrated Center of Technological Experimentation and Demonstration of Carvoeira and Fonte Grada. This Platform’s program also includes the “Sectorial Project of Technological Education and Demonstration”, the “Sustainable Logistical Mobility (Industrial chilling for trucks)”, and the development of “Educational Modules of Renewable Hydrogen Energies” (pilot-project to be installed in 5 schools).

The total investment financed in Torres Vedras for this collection of projects is 1 140 000 Euros and its date for final execution is 2010.

Lastly, another project included in the Rede ECOS, but not funded through RUCI, is the “Construction of a New Center for Environmental Education” in the city of Torres Vedras. This project was approved within the scope of a National Program “Territorial Improvement – Priority Axis IX – Development of the National Urban System”. Given all of the above, the municipality’s motto to which C3P subscribes, is fully justified: it is essential to “Think Globally – Act Locally” regarding the reduction of energy consumption and the usage of renewable energies in order to mitigate climate changes. Compliance with national and international goals can only be achieved through the implementation of numerous local projects, in all sectors of activity, and by promoting increased awareness to the public as a whole.

C3P is proud to be an unconditional partner of the entire Rede ECOS and, in particular, the portion contributed by the municipality of Torres Vedras.


Last updated: 13/07/2011