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“ECOS NETWORK” Project – Energy and Sustainable Construction

Urban Network for Competitiveness and Innovation










The project ECOS – Energy and Sustainable Construction was submitted to the Program “Urban Network for Competitiveness and Innovation”, of the Política das Cidades POLIS XXI, and was one of the 5 approved, of a total of 26 submitted.


The project overall theme includes energetic efficiency of building using renewable energies and sustainable construction. The aim is to create competitive and innovative cities at an international level.


The Project main objectives are:

-          Energetic efficiency vs application of renewable energies;

-          Traditional construction techniques and technological innovation;

-          Sustainable urbanism and social-economic perspectives.


The proposed network involves two different scopes based on:

  • distinct geographical groups, each one structured around proximity relations seeking to explore strategic elements associated with complementary development processes and profiles oriented to urban centers, within the same territory.

  • remote relations building a shared space focused on similar interest areas, which combine common perspectives, approaches and strategic objectives aiming at improving patrimonial elements, resources, strategic gains and experiences associated with the respective urban centers.


The groups are situated in:

1. Baixo Alentejo (Lower Alentejo region), involving the Municipalities of Beja, Moura and Serpa. This is one of the European regions with the biggest photovoltaic energy potential.

2. Oeste (West region), through the Municipalities of Óbidos, Peniche and Torres Vedras, representing the National region with the biggest wind energy potential.

3. Algarve, involving the Municipality of Silves.




Within each group knowledge shall be developed through jointly promoted activities on Innovation and Competitiveness Strategies, as well as consolidation of inter-municipal bonding economies. With this aim, each urban center should be promoted on a regional, national and international plan.


Project Partners include a large group of entities and companies with vast experience and know-how in several domains.

  • Renewable Energies (wind, solar and wave) - Municipalities of Moura, Peniche, Óbidos and Torres Vedras

  • Sustainable Construction - Municipalities of Beja, Serpa and Silves.


Project Partners:


Individual ECOS Projects by Municipality


Last updated: 20/08/2011