Joint Oversight Group - JOG


The JOG, Joint Oversight Group, composed by representatives from both nations, and held by both NASA and C3P simultaneously, must mandatorily meet at least once a year. As defined in the statutes, during this JOG Meeting, C3P summarizes the activities undergone during the past year, and NASA/ C3P discuss future activities and short, medium, and long-term programs to be developed.

On November 5, 2010 the JOG meeting was held at the Martin Johnson House at the Scripps Institute of Oceanography, University of California San Diego.

General Castelo Branco opened by welcoming everyone to the JOG meeting.

Gen. Branco provided a summary of highlights of C3Pís projects and emphasis on alternative sources of energy that began two years ago and which has continued to prosper. He highlighted efforts such as Berlenga Island, ELECTROVALUE, ECOS Network, and others. Some of the 32 sub-projects that the various Portuguese municipalities involved in the ECOS Network are undertaking were reviewed.

During this JOG Meeting, the Space Act Agreement was signed between NASA and C3P concerning current and future ECOS Network projects.


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Last updated: 19/12/2010