Moura Municipality

Microgeneration in Sensitive Urban Environments

The principal objective of this avenue of research is to study the technological and economic viability of integrated systems in order to optimize energy production. A pilot unit is thus proposed, composed of solar panels, a mini wind turbine and a fuel cell, to study its viability in terms of production, storage and energy supply.

The integration of systems will allow the re-direction of excess solar or wind energy to an electrolizer for the production of hydrogen. In addition, the study and design of a system is predicted that will maximize solar panel output through panel cooling while re-utilizing the energy for fluid heating.

Optimization of these units will allow for multiple endpoints associated with energy consumption in the form of electricity, hydrogen and sanitary water and space heating. The multiple valences associated with a reduced size will allow easy integration into sensitive urban environments, in decentralized installations and close to consumption location, thus complementing traditional systems.

In fact, betting on the promotion of renewable energies and on their widespread utilization, real impact on the economy can be achieved.

Moura’s Vertical Gardens – Very Sensiitive Urban Environment

Moura Technological Park – Reinforcement of Management Structure

Moura Technological Park (MTP) is a center of regional dynamics in the areas of R&D, technology and innovation, creation of enterprises and qualified jobs, and economical renovation.

Following European, National and Regional strategies, this operation is based on the creation of the following intervention items:

- Support mechanism for the development of enterprises;

- Support system for innovation and modernization of enterprises and of training programs;

- Support system for internationalization and cooperation of enterprises;

- Definition of a promotion and advertising system of MTP, and installation incentives for enterprises;

- Communication system for data sharing among enterprises;

- R&D unit for development and technology transfer between MTP enterprises and national and international entities;

- Innovative space management system;

- Auspicious conditions for regional investment and the creation of qualified jobs.

This project is thus a mobilizing mechanism designed to create a cluster of innovation and technology in Moura and within the domain of renewable energies.

Photovoltaic Plant in Moura, Alentejo, Portugal


Zero Emissions Building – Solar Energy Research Laboratory

Inserted in an 897.85 m² area and with a constructed area of 883.45 m², the Moura Zero Emissions Building will house the Solar Energy Research Laboratory.

The building consists entirely of one ground floor, at constant height from the ground but with variations in ceiling height. This design is associated with the need to a) install mounting structures for photovoltaic panels and b) guarantee appropriate ceiling height for the specific Laboratory activities related to solar module certification and solar energy research.

Its unusual geometrical configuration is the result of the building premise which requires that one of its walls rigorously face South in order to maximize both walls where photovoltaic panels are placed.

With an investment of 825 000€, this building is progressively becoming operational in 2011. Final construction should be completed by early 2012.




Last updated: 06/03/2011