Peniche Municipality

High Performance Surf Center

Under the supervision of the Portuguese Surfing Federation, the Municipality of Peniche is developing a High Performance Surf Center, integrated in the Nations Surfing Network.

This will be a mobile and multifunctional building, with pronounced environmental features, and autonomous regarding energy and water supply and sold waste treatments. Building materials to be employed must be in accordance with legal requirements and must be light (wood, steel, glass) in order to respect the environment into which they are inserted. Recycled materials will be favored.

The Center shall be composed of a residential area, a common/ social area and a multi-use area. The residential area shall have a 30-person capacity, with 7 rooms, 2 bathroom facilities, a storage area and a technical area. The common/ social area includes the reception area, meeting rooms and offices, cafeteria (30-persons), medical area (first aid and massage room), and a sports area (warm-up room, classroom, showers, recuperation room and surfboard hangar. The multi-use area is a multi-disciplinary 330 m2 lawn space, appropriate for numerous leisurely and fair-like activities.

The ultimate goals are to:

-- Provide a space for research, development and testing of construction materials and techniques, as well as autonomous technologies and solutions with low environmental impact, related to renewable energies, water and sewage, and solid waste management.

 -- Create a demonstration space for sustainable solutions in construction, for environmental integration and application of renewable energy production technologies, and for drinking water supply systems and waste recycling that will attract visiting professionals and augment Municipalityís national and international projection.

-- Generate knowledge and skills for environmentally sustainable solutions possessing a high degree of reproducibility;

-- Stimulate the development of new activities within the scope of environmental sustainability with a multiplying effect in other sectors of the regionís economic activity.



Last updated: 02/03/2011