Active Projects Objective
Berlenga Island

Berlenga Island is a unique Nature Reserve of Portugal. It is, therefore, imperative that Berlenga be preserved and passed on to our children in the same conditions that we received it from our ancestors. However, beyond all the damage that we inflict upon Berlenga’s delicate eco-system, it is shocking and entirely unacceptable that both the European Commission and the UN Environmental Program do not recognize Berlenga’s right to fly Europe’s Blue Flag.

The project
is developing and improving the recycling market for the electrical and electronic (EE) products through the reuse and recovery of EE components, providing support to the electrical and electronic SMEs, in order to improve their competitiveness by adopting sustainable waste management, materials and process technologies by integrating Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and “valorisation” of end-of-life in electric and electronic products.


The strategic vision of ECOS includes the construction of a networked community centered on the domains of sustainable energy and construction. It is thought that this integrated community augments the accumulation of knowledge and the development of creative and innovative products, services and solutions.



The ECOS strategic vision led the seven municipalities to launch a number of independent and joint projects in 2009. At the same time some transversal actions are now planned to take place under the NETWORK umbrella, for which the municipalities and nine of the ECOS stakeholders formally created the AssECOS Association in April 2010.

Completed Projects Objective
  Alternatives to High-VOC
Chrome Coatings


Test and implement chrome free and low VOC coating systems in aircraft painting scheme at TAP Portugal and OGMA.


The Project
main objectives are:
Energetic efficiency vs application of
     renewable energies;
Traditional construction techniques and
     technological innovation;
Sustainable urbanism and social-economic


Last updated: 07/05/2010