The Centro Para Prevenção da Poluição (C3P)

and the

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)


2010 International Workshop on Environment and Energy


 November 2 - 4, 2010

University of California at San Diego
San Diego, California

The 2010 International Workshop on Environment and Energy
was a big success!

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Tuesday, November 2

Welcome, Special Remarks
Frieder Seible, Dean, Jacobs School of Engineering, UCSD
General Castelo Branco, C3P
Portugal Minister of Environment Video
Olga Dominguez, NASA

Green Sustainable Development and Redevelopment

Portugal “ECOS NETWORK” Project – Energy and Sustainable Construction, Mariana Alves-Pereira, C3P
NASA Ames Research Center Sustainability Base Project, Krisstina Wilmoth, NASA ARC
Designing and Building the Facilities of the Future Today, Otto Van Geet, NREL

Sustainable Port of San Diego, Michelle White, Port of San Diego

Materials Management and Substitution in Support of Space Operations

How Environmental Regulations Can Lead to Material Obsolescence, Gail Grafton, NASA RRAC PC
Overview of AFSPC Corrosion Solutions, Bill Hoogsteden, AFRL
NASA Cleaning and Cleanliness Verification Issues, Christina Pina Arpin, NASA WSTF
NASA TEERM Hexavalent Chromium-free Coatings Projects, Matt Rothgeb, ITB
Hexavalent Chrome Replacement Projects, Mark Jaworowski, UTRC
Environmental Projects for Aerospace Applications, Nancy Whitmire, AMRDEC
Material Selection for Space Programs, Thomas Rohr, ESA
Lead-free Technology Experiment in a Space Environment, Jim Blanche, NASA MSFC

Wednesday, November 3

Remediation Technologies and Strategies

PCB treatment of painted surfaces, walls and caulking, Jackie Quinn, NASA KSC
U.S. EPA Environmental Technology Verification Program, Heather Rectanus, Battelle
Environmental Damage and Remediation Actions – A Case Study, Marco Estrela, ISQ
NASA Emulsified Zero-Valent Iron (EZVI) Technology, Jackie Quinn, NASA KSC

Panel Session
Measuring Sustainability - Panel Discussion, Moderator:  James Leatherwood, NASA HQ

Panel Participants – Definitions of Sustainable Development, Nathalie Meusy, ESA,
John Dilliott, UCSD

Student Presentations

Modeling the Urban Energy Balance, Anders Nottrott, UCSD
Clean Renewable Energy Bond Applications, Michael Gollner, UCSD
Synthesis and Characterization of Functional Nanocontainers
     for Active Corrosion Protection, Joao Tedim, University of Aveiro, Portugal

Conus Solar Maps, Matthew Lave, UCSD
Solar Energy Forecasting Using  Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) Models,
Patrick Mathieson, UCSD

The Assessment of the Security of Supply in the Evaluation of Energy
     Policies, Luis Sousa, Instituto Politecnico de Leiria, Portugal

Novel Tracking of a Planar Micro-Optic Solar Concentrator, Jason Karp, Justin Hallas, UCSD
Development of a High-resolution Urban Thermal Sharpener (HUTS),
     Anthony Dominguez, UCSD

Snow Cover Mapping for Yield Forecasts and Photovoltaic System
     Monitoring, Georg Wirth, University of Applied Science, Germany

Thursday, November 4

Emerging Renewable and Alternative Energy Technologies

Renewable Energy: Challenges and Risks, Eduardo Dias Lopes, ISQ
Solar Forecasting Using Sky Imagery for High Solar Penetration, Jan Kleissl, UCSD
Lithium Ion Battery Technology Advancements, Hiroshi Hanafusa, Sanyo

Hybrid Fuel Cell Bus Technology, Joshua Goldman, Proterra
Innovative Solar Technology Demonstration Project, Frank Goodman, San Diego Gas Mobile Hydrogen Fuel Cell Lighting Project, Lennie Klebanoff,
      Sandia National Laboratories

Concentrated Solar Air Conditioning for Buildings Project, Al Sorkin, ITB
The OMEGA (Offshore Membrane Enclosures for Growing Algae) Project at ARC
     (part 1 of 2)
Marty Czarnecki, URS 

Encroachment Risk Analysis and Mitigation

Encroachment Management: A Comprehensive Approach, Alan Zusman, TEC, Inc.
Encroachment – Redefining the Fence Line, CDR Dale Seeley, USN
Rare Earth Metals Scarcity, Mick Bilney, TEC

Adaptive Response to Climate Change

Impacts of Climate Change on KSC Launch Sites, John Shaffer, NASA KSC
Impacts of Climate Change at Wallops Flight Facility, Carolynn Turner, NASA WFF
The OMEGA Project at ARC (part 2 of 2), Marty Czarnecki, URS



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